Our Services

VTEC Ltd. Elevator Consulting

As a full service vertical transportation firm we offer a complete range of professional services.Our firm is totally independent having no affiliation with any contractor or developer.

Types of Services:

Elevator/Escalator Maintenance Audits – Maintenance Control Program

Our comprehensive maintenance audits/inspections will help you to determine the overall quality of your existing maintenance program.The owner and maintenance provider are required to establish the interval of maintenance/ periodic testing based on various criteria.This Elevator Safety Code requirement is known as the Maintenance Control Program (MCP).The MCP reduces the risk associated with improperly maintained equipment and redirects  your service providers focus towards preserving the safe-reliable life of the equipment.

Modernization-Renovation Projects / Survey

Our Modernization Survey provides an evaluation of existing elevator equipment.The thorough examination will determine if any specific components may be reused or what components may need to be replaced in the modernization. All findings will be presented in a report which will contain the following (where applicable)

Recommendations of work
Expected improvements of service

Specifications and tender package

Bid Analysis/ cost estimates / tender award
Projected work schedule / timetables
Final acceptance inspection / review
Maintenance agreement terms / warranty requirements

Maintenance Contract Review / Renegotiation

We will assist in reviewing your existing contract and negotiate an improved result oriented contract.This enhanced contract agreement will better our clients position both financially and service wise.

Equipment Due Diligence

Appraise condition of existing elevator and escalator equipment. Prepare a detailed report and include any associated costs to rectify outstanding deficiences.We include a safety code compliance review along with analysis of existing maintenance contract to determine who is responsible for corrective action items.

Elevator Traffic Analysis & Design Recommendations

VTEC Ltd. consultants helps builders, architects, property managers, and others wanting to install an elevator, escalator or lift into an existing or new building. Understanding the goals of the building for their vertical transportation needs, is imperative in the early steps and followed throughout the construction period until completion and ultimately to the maintenance service contract. VTEC's consultants are up to date with all the elevator, escalator and lift innovations with respect to technology, design, green initiatives, codes and regulations allowing for a more efficient project.

Service/Repair Quotes

Review and check your elevator contractors existing equipment repair/service work quotes. If necessary attain additional competitive
quotes from several contractors to ensure cost savings, and follow up after repair for quality assurance.

Elevator/Escalator Specifications

VTEC Ltd. prepares new equipment and modernization/maintenance specifications based upon a comprehensive visual examination of the elevator and escalator equipment in a building or project.Our specifications cover the equipment from the machine room to the pit which includes the hoistway,hoistway equipment,overhead and the elevator cab. Having a specification written,ensures that the contractors are pricing the same scope of work,sending it out to bid ensures competitive pricing.

Lift / Wheelchair Vertical Platform Consultation for Persons with Physical Disabilities

We help by consulting on individual needs and provide the right solutions, sourcing competent suppliers for your safety and independence in the work place and at home. Whether you're physically challenged, a professional architect or contractor or perhaps just need more convenient access to your home, VTEC LTD. will ensure you make an informative decision based on industry knowledge and experience.

‘Note’  If you are looking for a service that is not specifically listed here, please feel free to contact us.